A Taste of Paradise...
This is Playa de Los Artistas


Think beautiful beach. Palm trees. And an azul ocean stretch, just meters away. Waves quietly rolling over and over... tropical birds, chirping away in the distance.

We must be getting close!

Next, add some of the best food, drink and atmosphere you've ever experienced, and yes...

Playa de Los Artistas
Fine Dining at the Edge of the Ocean

This is Playa de Los Artistas.

Playa de Los Artistas Nicy and Dany
Welcome! :-)

Once a small Tico house - situated at the very edge of the ocean, just south of Montezuma Beach...

It was in 1994 when Nicola and Daniela - traveling over from Rome, Italy...

Decided to make their dream restaurant - a reality.

And now - more than 15 years past... Playa de Los Artistas continues to wow! the taste buds of all who visit.

Easily one of Costa Rica's best kept secrets, today - joined by a good friend... it was off for another delicious experience.

So please, read along... click on the following links to learn more.

This is Playa de Los Artistas

A short walk from town - just south of the main beach in Montezuma, the restaurant itself, is almost hidden.

Playa de Los Artistas Esmerelda
Esmerelda, Pouring Wine for Guests

Marked only by a small sign along the side of the road - en route to the waterfalls...

...it's as though you've discovered something secret!

And first entering... the feeling really is unique.

So tranquil...

Soft music played by candlelight, and a cool ocean breeze... there's definitely something to be felt about the ambience of this place.

It's totally relaxing.

Making my way through the dining area - and into the main house, it quickly became clear - the name Playa de Los Artistas...

Playa de Los Artistas Decor
A Look Inside...

Translating to English as "Beach of the Artists"... artwork could be seen throughout the interior - pieces from Argentina, Brasil, Italy...

Playa de Los Artistas Artwork
Artwork from Argentina, Brazil, and Elsewhere - Adorning the Walls

...and other countries around the globe.

Playa de Los Artistas Secret Room
A Quiet Place

Seeing a little more of the premises, it was easy to see why Playa de Los Artistas was so popular.

In one corner for example... there's this secluded little spot - completely tucked away.

So much attention to detail - it's the ultimate in romantic and in privacy.

But yes - on to the food now!...

Diverse as it is delicious - words like organic, natural, and fresh!...

All ring true.

Playa de Los Artistas Martin
Martin, Preparing a Steak

Chefs Nicola of Rome, and Martin of Argentina - bring something unique, to every single dish...

From homemade bread and desserts, to wood-oven pizza, to fresh fish and lobster - right out of the Nicoya - and onto your plate.

A personal favorite...

Carpaccio - a dish straight out of Rome - is an hors d'oeuvre... raw fish cut into very thin slices and covered in a sauce.

Absolutely delicious, it's actually one of several dishes my friend Belén and I enjoyed for lunch here - not too long ago...

Lunch at the Edge of the Ocean

Today was perfect.

Relaxing with a friend at the edge of the ocean, a meal second to none here at Playa de Los Artistas in Montezuma...

Playa de Los Artistas Beach
Looking on to Montezuma, from Playa de Los Artistas

Looking back from the water's edge, it really is peaceful here...

Playa de Los Artistas House
Quiet, Peaceful... Perfect.

Jill had just brought out the menu for Belén and I - and just like the time before...

Playa de Los Artistas Belen
Belén, Trying the Calamari

Everything sounded delicious!

And truly - this is by far one of the best things here at Playa de Los Artistas.

Daily diverse, the menu is never the same twice.

Today for example...

It was dishes like Carpaccio de Pargo (an hors d'oeuvres with thin slices of raw red snapper)...

Playa de Los Artistas Food
This is Carpaccio

Calamares Relleno el Jino (squid - but cooked, presented and tasting like something I've never quite experienced!).

And even Chile el Queso Palmito & Hierbes - another exquisite dish here at Playa de Los Artistas.

What a satisfying meal - a smile every taste of the way. :-)


But wow - what a great experience this was.

By far one of the best restaurants here on the Rich Coast, it's is exactly what you'd expect - fine dining by the ocean, in a tropical setting like Costa Rica.

Top notch food, beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff...

Playa de Los Artistas Staff
With Nicolo, Esmerelda and Jill of Playa de Los Artistas

Definitely pay a visit on your next visit to Montezuma!

And speaking of which...

To get in touch with Nicola, Daniela and Nicolo - call them directly at (506) 2642-0920.

Playa de Los Artistas Goodbye
Until Next Time...

Open ten months out of the year, November through August - I recommend you reserve ahead of time...

It gets quite busy!

As far as hours go, Playa de Los Artistas is open for lunch and dinner in high season (December - April, as well as July & August) - from 12:00pm to 8:30pm.

In November, May and June... the hours change slightly - only dinner being served, from 4:00pm onward.

Oh, and something to keep in mind. Credit cards are not accepted here - so do make sure to have cash on hand.


So, what do you think? Pretty nice place isn't it!

I hope you enjoyed this recount - yet another delicious experience here in Costa Rica.

And of course... will see you again real soon for another!