Backpacking the Rich Coast...
Unique Hostels in Costa Rica

Looking for hostels in Costa Rica - places to stay during your next backpacking adventure to the Rich Coast?

It's true...

They're ideal spots for the budgeting traveler, saving a little money here and there - and at the very same time... taking in all the best sights of this beautiful country!

And yes - some hostels you'll come across, really go out of their way - unique from the rest...

Hostels in Costa Rica
Like Bringing Everyone Together, Guests and Staff Alike! :-)

And I think this is important.

Sure it's only $10 to $15 a night - but why not seek out the ones that go over and above your expectations.

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A Light in Costa RIca...

A good example, is Montezuma's Luz en el Cielo.

Owned and operated by Abbie Stout - Luz is totally unique in that both Abbie and the staff - take an active interest in their guests.

Bonfires, sushi nights, etc. - there's always something going on - and it's always about putting their guests first.

It's such a cool spot.

And for sure - that's what this page at, along with the ones linked to it - are all about.

Recounts of experiences at some really fun and affordable places to call it a night, read on to learn more about unique Costa Rica hostels...

Unique Hostels in Costa Rica

So these hostels listed here - are all unique in that they offer something over and above - making for a truly memorable Costa Rican experience...