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Costa Rica Hotels
The Best Places to Stay

So what are some really nice Costa Rica hotels?

Next visit to the country, a journey through the Central Valley - very heart of the land... to way up in the mountains, in places like Lake Arenal and the Talamanca highlands...

And then out to the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, stops in destinations like Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio and Puerto Viejo...

It'll be nice to know ahead of time...

Costa Rica Hotels
Amazing Places to Stay on the Rich Coast

...you've got excellent hotels booked - some of the most beautiful and best places to stay, here on the Rich Coast.


At hotels like The Hidden Canopy Treehouses - situated in the cloud forests of Monteverde, Vista de Olas - incredible sunset views in Malpais, and Amor de Mar - one of CNN Travel's best secret hotels on earth, located in Montezuma...

Let's take a closer look - top spots for a nightcap, here in Costa Rica.

Click on the following links, and you'll be taken further on down the page to learn more...

Map   •    Arenal Volcano   |    Monteverde

Montezuma   |    Santa Teresa   |    Tambor

Map of Places to Stay on the Rich Coast

On the following map - click on the blue dots, each representing a city in the country, and you'll be taken to a corresponding location - further down the page...

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Monteverde Costa Rica
Montezuma Costa Rica
Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Tambor Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano Hotels Monteverde Costa Rica Montezuma Costa Rica Santa Teresa Costa Rica Tambor Costa Rica
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TICR Maps - Places to Sleep in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

Check out these gorgeous hotels - right near one of the most spectacular volcanoes, on the planet!


Places for a night cap, in beautiful Monteverde...


Here are some great spots to stay in Montezuma...

Santa Teresa

Find a beautiful place to stay, right near the ocean - in Santa Teresa...


Information and experences, about nice places to stay in Tambor...