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Costa Rica Art
Creations of the Rich Coast

Costa Rica art.

Here on the Rich Coast - artists of many a craft, imagine and create - bringing their visions to life in various forms - those like jewelry, painting, sculpture, and others.

From the nation's capital of San Jose - art exhibits and museums to explore, to the beach towns of Dominical, Montezuma and others - artisans lining the streets, original handmade items for sale...

And even back over to Sarchi - a famous place in the country, where to this very day...

Costa Rica Art
Traditional Costa Rican Ox Cart Wheel, in Sarchi

You can still watch artists work away, delicately painting traditional ox carts - in elaborate, colorful designs...

This is a country, rich in creativity.


And yes - here on this page of the site - people, places, events, and other interesting things, let's take a closer look at the subject of artwork in the country.

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Map of Art on the Rich Coast

People, places, events and others - clicking on the dots on this map, will take you to a new point, further down this page...

Costa Rica Jewelry
Costa Rican Artist
Envision Festival
Fire Dancing
Organic Costa Rican Coffee
Costa Rica Jewelry Costa Rican Artist Envision Festival Fire Dancing Costa Rican Artwork
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Creating on the Rich Coast

Information on various types of creating - jewelry, sculpture and others -- click on any of the links below, to learn more...