Fine Dining in Montezuma...
Welcome to Cocolores!

Tucked back along the water's edge... Cocolores is a popular beach-front restaurant in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The food, the music, the decor, the waves rolling over and over just meters from your table...

It's like a gem within a gem...

Cocolores Montezuma Path
A Lantern-Lit Path to the Restaurant...

Owners Massimiliano and Florencia - describe the cuisine as 'international'... a unique selection of Thai, Mexican, Greek and Italian food (to name a few!)... dishes like curry, ceviche, kabobs, and fajitas -- all at the very top of the favorite list.

And yes - I'd have to agree... that curry - wow! :-)

Well here then - please come along, for a tranquil night out - at one Montezuma's finest...

This is Cocolores

A brief stroll through town, and soon enough - a beautiful lantern-lit path awaits... sounds of a chill ambient music and continuous rolling waves - could be heard in the distance.

Roughly 6:30pm on a Tuesday night - and yes - just as I'd suspected...

Cocolores Montezuma Restaurant
The Tranquil Atmosphere of Cocolores

The place was packed.

Couples, families, friends... after a long day on the beach, trek to the waterfalls - or ride off into the mountains - it's the perfect place to kick back - and enjoy the night...

Cocolores Montezuma Lucas and Max
Lucas and Massimiliano... Welcome!

Cocolores ("Coconut Colors") - was founded back in 2000 by some friends of Massimiliano's. Taking over as owners - today, he, his wife Florencia, and Lucas - long-time employee... really go out of their way to make your experience here, a memorable one.

And it's the little things...

Sitting down at your table - it totally feels exotic... exactly what you'd expect in a tropical beach setting like Montezuma...

Cocolores Montezuma Dining
A Relaxing Night of Fine Dining...

Thatch ceiling... colorful lanterns hovering from above... homemade bread *always fresh*... napkins displayed, peeking out of conch shells...

And to top it off - a very cool selection of Cafe del Mar & Buddha Bar chillout music - only further adding to the tranquil ambience of the restaurant.

But yes - getting back to the food now... a tough decision was on hand!

Dinner's Served!

A popular dish throughout the Rich Coast - ceviche (also spelled 'cebiche' or 'seviche') - is raw fish, marinated in citrus juice - lemon or lime... along with the addition of some peppers, onion, salt... etc.

Cocolores Montezuma Ceviche
Try the Ceviche!

And yes - that's exactly how dinner began tonight - ceviche being one of their most popular dishes.

And the type of fish will vary...

Tilapia and corvina are often used.

But also...

Ceviche is made with mahi-mahi, shark, and even marlin too.

And unique from the more common Costa Rican kind of ceviche, the kind served here - comes in vinegar instead of lemon or lime... really quite tasty!

Definitely though - if you like raw fish - sushi, sashimi, etc. --- do give the ceviche a try!

And then for the main entree...

Cocolores Montezuma Dinner
Dinner is Served!

Cocolores has two delicious curry dishes - banana or coconut, served with either chicken or fish.

Tonight? The banana & chicken, coupled with a side of mashed potatoes.

And back to those little things again... the plate came with two different kinds of chutney (a popular condiment from southern Asia) -- fruit and ginger.

Absolutley nothing less than delicious! :-)

Cocolores Montezuma Florencia and Jeff
With Florencia, Enjoying the Meal...

Over this fantastic meal then... Florencia and I got talking.

She was saying how the steaks at Cocolores (yes - another favorite!) are of a very high grade of meat.

Unique to Cocolores - they go the extra mile, using only meat from Angus-variety cows... the same ones found in Florencia's native country -- Argentina.

But 'grade' wasn't the only factor to boast about...

At 300 grams per serving, steaks (and really, any meal you order here!), aim to please.

She described their food as gourmet-esque, while at the same time --- filling!

Nope - couldn't have said it better. :-)

Well. Yet another wonderful meal (and evening!) at Cocolores, Montezuma... I was stuffed!

Stuffed, and quite satisfied.

Cocolores Montezuma Entrance
See You Next Time...

Thanking Massimiliano, Florencia, and Lucas - next - it was off to continue the night on the town.

But for yourself... I definitely recommend you keep Cocolores in mind on your next stay in Montezuma.

They're open every day but Monday - 5pm to 10pm.

Feel free to give them a shout at 2642-0348.

And thanks for reading!

See you again real soon... more experiences at delicious Costa Rican restaurants await!